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Congratulations on your decision to quit!

You have made the best decision you can for your health. Did you know that quitting smoking can add 3 to 10 years to your life? As soon as you quit smoking, your risk of cancer, lung problems, and heart disease starts to drop and your health improves.

But why is quitting so hard?

Smoking is more than a habit; it’s an addiction. In fact, people become addicted to nicotine in much the same way that they become addicted to heroin and cocaine.

When you smoke, nicotine goes right to your brain in seconds and causes the release of dopamine, a chemical that gives you a feeling of pleasure and calm. But when you are between cigarettes, the level of dopamine drops and that creates nicotine withdrawal. You may experience symptoms such as lightheadedness, sleep disturbance, irritation, or anxiety. These, along with the nicotine cravings, can make quitting very difficult.

The right treatment plan can boost your chances of success.

The good news is that medication can double and even triple your chances of quitting successfully. Combining this with professional advice can increase your success rate up to 4 times.

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